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The Precursor To All Achievement Is A                   GROWTH MINDSET!                    

Our Program Helps Future Men Build The MINDSET Needed For All Achievment In School And In Life!

For Groups

For Individuals

Min of 5.

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"Created by educators, therapists, families, and boys

specifically for

educators, therapists, families, and boys!"




Implemented with fidelity users have significant gains in

School Attendance







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Research and science have taught us that boys require a different behavioral approach and intervention than their counterparts.


1- Relationship Building: ​ Utilizing the system for proactive Tier 1 interventions helps teachers build healthy relationships and increase engagement with students and their families.  

2- Tier II Targeted Intervention: ​ Transform behavior and performance by utilizing the system as part of your Tier II intervention for individual students. The program addresses challenges commonly faced by young men, such as lack of motivation, and difficulty managing emotions.  

3- Tier II Group Intervention -  The system helps you benefit from positive peer pressure and facilitate healthy interactive discussion with groups of young men about mindset, behavior and performance. 

4- Restorative Discipline: When discipline and restoration are a preference utilize the system to train and provide young men an alternative to out-of-school suspension. 

5- Re-admission Requirement - Time by itself does not transform young men.  While out of school they need to learn the skills needed to be students and classmates while on suspension.  Our system provides them the training to transform.

6- Leadership Preparation - The 7-Power Moves of Self-leadership can be used to prepare young men with the mindset for success in school and in life.

Boys Can't Wait!
  • Schools are overwhelmed and understaffed. Your boys can't wait for schools to hire the right teachers and add more men to their Staff!

  • Healthy male mentors are hard to find and may not have a proven system that helps boys in school and life. Your boys can't wait for the right mentor with a proven system!

  • Athletic coaches can help, but to be fair, their focus is on winning athletically. Your boys can't wait for their coach, school, or mentor to be their calvary!

You Are His Calvary!

Enter, the Future Man Success Prep System. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Your Boys Were Born To Win, but they need proven preparation strategies!


Instantly provide boys with friendly  mindset-strengthening skills

Instantly provide practical tools to help boys master a positive and resilient mindset.

Identify the tools and support systems that uniquely prepare boys how to achieve personal success in school and life.

For Groups

Min of 5.

For Individuals

What People Are Saying About the

  The Future Man Success Prep System

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The Johnson Family:

"The Future Man Success Prep System has been a game-changer for our family. Our son's confidence and resilience have skyrocketed since we incorporated the tools and exercises from the box into our daily routine. As parents, we feel more empowered to guide him through challenges, and the stress management techniques have created a calmer and more supportive home environment. This system has truly transformed how we approach mental well-being, and we're grateful for its positive impact on our family."

The Patel Family:

"We can't thank Future Man Prep enough for this incredible resource. Our son was facing stress and anxiety related to school, but the stress-busting techniques in The Future Man Success Prep System has made a world of difference. It's not just about academics; it's about building a strong foundation for life. The parent's guide has given us valuable insights into his mindset, and we've noticed a significant improvement in his overall well-being. This box is a must-have for any family looking to prepare their sons for a resilient and successful future."

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The Garcia Family:

“This system is like having a personal coach at home. Our son has embraced the mindset mastery tools, and we've seen a positive shift in his attitude and approach to challenges. The stress management techniques are practical and effective, and as parents, we appreciate the support provided by the Empowering Parent's Guide. It has given us a roadmap to nurture his mental and emotional growth. Future Man Prep has truly exceeded our expectations."

The Williams Family:

"Future Man Prep has created something extraordinary with the Mindset Mentor's Box. Our son, who used to struggle with setbacks, now faces them with resilience and a positive mindset. The tools in the box have become an integral part of our daily routine, and we've noticed improvements in his academic performance and interpersonal skills. The Empowering Parent's Guide has been a guiding light for us as parents, giving us the confidence to support our son's journey."


The Kim Family:

"The Future Man system is a treasure trove of resources for our family. Our son has become more self-assured and proactive in facing challenges, thanks to the mindset mastery tools. The stress-busting techniques have turned stressful situations into learning opportunities, and as parents, we feel equipped to nurture his mental well-being. The box has created a positive ripple effect in our household, and we're incredibly thankful for the transformation we've witnessed."

The Davis Family:

"Future Man Prep has exceeded our expectations with the Mindset Mentor's Box. Our son has not only embraced the tools but has also started applying them in various aspects of his life. The stress management techniques have been a lifesaver during challenging times, and the Empowering Parent's Guide has been a valuable resource in fostering open communication. This box has become an integral part of our family's journey toward raising a resilient and confident young man."

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