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Mr. Carlos Johnson

For the past two decades as father, therapist and educator Coach Johnson has taught, consulted, trained, and coached many boys from awesome families. Families from across this nation with boys in public, charter, private and boys who are home-schooled.

Now in the new millennium, his company IMAGE of Success; Inc. has become a credible organization in educational reform and family development.

As a certified trainer for gender-based learning, and a practicing therapist he has published and developed the following books and systems for transforming the lives of boys:

  • “The Pains & Joys of Educating Boys”
  • “The Pains & Joys of Raising Boys”
  • “Power Engage”
  • “Breakthrough Relationships”
  • and “Power Parenting University”

Along with his team of consultants, Mr. Johnson has utilized his systems successfully to turn around three failing charter schools. In addition to saving the schools hundreds of thousands of dollars, his trainings helped to change staff culture and increase parental engagement. Both of which directly translated into increased student performance and family retention. In 2008 with the help of 10 families who were looking for leadership training for their sons he launched his boys “self-leadership” coaching course called Future Man Success Prep.

As he travels the country, his mission is to transform school cultures, communities and families “one boy at a time”. His mantra is “Your son may not be a superman, but he is a future-man!”

Awesome Testimonies

My son Marlon is different from what I thought he was and he struggled with how to fit in his own skin. Now that he understands the power of his own purpose there is a peace about him that he did not have before. Thank you Future Man Prep! Stephanie & Marlon
Donny is my only son, an I have to admit I was a little overbearing - sometimes. I called him my "little man" but I did not want him to grow up. Now I can't wait for him to become the "Man" he was meant to be. Coach Carlos you are awesome! Cynthia
Raising a son in a tough neighborhood leaves parents like me fearful of choices their sons may make. After Neil locked into his potential and found his purpose he is making better decisions and I don't worry - as much :) Thanks Coach Carlos! NeLee "Calm Mom"